Youth Ministry

St. Leo Youth Ministry begins with Mass celebrated @ 6:00 PM followed by our  Confirmation Catechesis from 7:00-8:30 PM during the months of September through May.

St. Leo Youth ministry consists of 3 programs:

  • Junior high youth ministry for teens in grade 7
  • 2 year confirmation preparation for teens in grades 8 and 9
  • Senior high youth ministry for teens in grades 10-12

We also offer a summer program for teens grades 9-12. Which consists of 8 weeks of catechesis in July and August. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Theology of the Body
  • Apologetics courses
  • Bible Study
  • Catholic Social teachings and many other topics that pertain to our Catholic faith.

The materials used in our Youth Ministry, Confirmation and Summer programs are based on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops doctrinal guidelines for Junior, Senior high and Confirmation catechesis.
St. Leo Youth Ministry uses the following materials for all catechesis:

  • The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers,
  • The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth,
  • The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • The Catechism of the Catholic church
  • Chosen “Your Journey towards Confirmation”
  • The Catholic Youth Bible
  • We also use a variety of resources from Life Teen and Formed, to form a comprehensive Youth Ministry program for our Teens
  •  Along with Catechesis we offer many opportunities for our teens to be “The Hands and Feet of Christ” to those in need, through Service projects in the Hilton area and the greater Rochester Community.
  • We bring Praise and Worship evenings, to our teens, where they experience praise music, prayer time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and time for Confession.
  •  We attend the Steubenville youth conference every summer, And last but not least… we offer Social time for our teens to create lasting friendships with other Teens who share the love of Jesus Christ and their Catholic Faith.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to register your teens for our programs at
392-2710×6 or danielle.moore@dor.org .                                                                                                                        
God Bless,
Danielle Hubbel
St. Leo Youth Ministry

Mass Times

2:30-3:30 p.m. Confession
3:30 p.m.    Rosary
4:00 p.m.    Mass

8:00 a.m. Mass
10:30 a.m. Mass
6:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Eucharistic Adoration
8:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m. Communion Service

January 9th – Saint Adrian of Canterbury 

January 10th – Saint Gregory of Nyssa

January 11th – Blessed William Carter  

January 12th -Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys 

January 13th – Saint Hilary of Poitiers  

January 14th – Saint Gregory Nazianzen 

January 15th – Saint Devasahayam Pillai 






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