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Ministries of the month

In the interest of communicating with our parish this upcoming year we will be highlighting the different ministries of St. Leo’s Parish.

Each month four different ministries will be highlighted on our website. Contact information will be provide in case you are interested in joining the ministry. 

Columbiettes Minstry

Here is a brief summary of the Columbiette mission and values:

The Columbiettes are formed with the approval of the Knights Columbus Council with which it is affiliated. We  stand ready at all times to assist them when needed.

The Columbiettes are ordinary ladies who are proud of reaching out to helping those in need by assisting them in their communities and around the world. They are also committed to the preservation of family life. Our size doesn’t alter the fact that we are an organization that addresses the religious needs of the church and community where we reside and work.

The Columbiettes are a growing and vibrant service organization of Catholic Ladies who are wiling to make a difference in today’s society. We boldly choose to take a strong stand on issues that are devastating  human life, such as: abortion, substance abuse, pornography, euthanasia, and child abuse.

By conducting a variety of programs we are bringing Columbiettes together as they can strengthen their bond of friendship within the order.  The benefits from membership, are many Spiritual, moral, educational, and social.

As  a Columbiette, you can allocate your time as your daily schedule permits. To maximize your enjoyment your enjoyment and personal contributions, there are no specific requirements or amounts of time to spend within the organization. Everyone in the Organization participates at whatever level of commitment that makes her comfortable.

With your time, special skills of talent we offer you the opportunity to give back something to your community as well as as your parish.

Connie Stanton


St. Leo Handbell Choirs

Jr. Bells: children from 3rd grade to 8th grade

Practice every Monday in room #2 (except when there is no school) at 6 PM till 6:50 PM

Ring at 9:30 Mass once a month if possible and Christmas and Easter

No musical knowledge required

Sr. Bells:  High school age & adults

Practice every Monday in room #2 (except when there is no school) at 7:00 PM till 8:00 PM

Ring at 9:30 Mass once a month if possible  and Christmas and Easter   No musical knowledge required.


Hilton East Drivers Team

“Hilton East Drivers Team” for bringing Hilton East residents (or, “Seniors”, as we call them) to Church on Sundays (and Holydays).

I’ve been doing it since 1987. It’s pretty simple…scheduled driver shows up at the HE facility before Church, and brings (and returns) the church parishioner  in their own car to St. Leos for Mass.

We currently have a team of 7 drivers; see ATTACHED schedule for 2019.  I schedule for the entire calendar year; just issued this schedule to all the drivers, to Fr Joe, and to Sharon Prince and Denise O’Toole.  That’s it.

We’ll always take any newcomers who want to join our team.



DRS HE_DriversChurchsch2019





A Christ Life and Life Teen Parish

3:30 PM Confession
5:00 PM Mass
Sunday :
9:30 AM Mass
6:00 PM Life Teen Mass

5:30 PM Mass
8:30 AM Mass
8:30 AM Mass
9:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Eucharist Adoration
8:30 AM Mass
8:30 AM Communion Service

Ultreya Center:
Last Saturday of Every Month
5:00 pm

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