Steward of the Year Recipients

Steward of the Year Recipients

What is the Al Bishop Steward of the Year Award?

The Steward of the Year Award was named after Al Bishop . . .

AL worked tirelessly and humbly as a steward at St. Leo’s Church for many years. The award was named after Al because he exemplified what a steward was and gave of his time, talent and treasure to St. Leo’s Parish and around the community. AL Bishop walked with Christ in his faith and truly was the hands and feet of Jesus.


Past recipients are:

Al Bishop -2008 Roger Hilfiker – 2015
Brian Simpson -2009 Barb Richardson – 2015
Dave Tresolavy – 2009 Suzanne Lorz -2016
Carol & Mike Weldon – 2011 Tim Thomas & Steve Gabriel – 2017
Sandy Young – 2012 Betty Yokobosky & Rita Cahill – 2018
Sharon Prince – 2013 John Corcoran & Mary Lane – 2019
Ken Mattle – 2014
Betty Henner – 2014


Father Joe and the Stewardship Council would like to formally thank the many, many stewards that keep this faith community vibrant and growing. The parish could not run without dedicated stewards that give their time, talent and treasure to our faith community. We have about 50 ministries that support various aspects of parish life. Thank you to the stewards that support the various aspects of our parish community:

  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Parish Leadership
  • Faith Formation for Life
  • Caring and Evangelization
  • Celebrating the Liturgy
  • Parish Life


A Christ Life and Life Teen Parish

2:30 PM thru 3:30 PM Confession (limited occupancy )

4:00 PM Mass & Live Streaming

Sunday :

(limited occupancy)

8:00 AM Mass

10:30 AM Mass

6:00 PM Life Teen Mass

5:30 PM
8:30 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Eucharist Adoration
8:30 AM
8:30 AM Communion Service


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